RECAT-2 /Pair Wise Separations

In revising the European Wake Turbulence Categorisation and Separation Minima, RECAT-2 has developed a static separation matrix of distance and time for both arrivals and departures.

  • Following on from the improvements obtained from the introduction of European Re-Categorisation (RECAT-EU), further enhancement is possible either by defining pair wise separations or by the local optimisation of wake categories. Following an initial step of re-categorisation of ICAO wake provisions into a 6-category scheme, called ‘RECAT-EU’, this second step consists of the determination of a static “Pair-Wise” regime, where each aircraft type pair has its appropriate wake turbulence separation minima.
  • The distance-based pair-wise minima determination is made with 0.5NM granularity for a set of 96 aircraft types frequent at European major airports, for which data are available to characterize the wake generation and wake encounter resistance.
  • The pair-wise minima directly results from a quantitative and systematic comparison between aircraft types, through justified pair-wise severity alignment with reference aircraft type pairs at ICAO minima, as acceptable safety baseline.