EUROCONTROL and wake turbulence activities

  • Today we know much more about wake vortex behavior due to the availability of measured data and a better understanding of the physical processes involved in the generation, life-span and decay of wake vortices
  • In the light of this new knowledge, it is clear that the original ICAO wake turbulence categorization scheme (Heavy, Medium, Light) developed some 40 years ago, results in spacing between subsequent aircraft that is substantially more than what would strictly be required to maintain safe operations
  • For many years EUROCONTROL has been working on different wake turbulence projects:

EUROCONTROL's Past Activities

  • ATC-Wake Project
  • Crosswind Reduced Separations for Departure Operations (CREDOS)
  • Wake Independent Departure & Arrival Operations (WIDAO)
  • A380 ICAO WG
  • ICAO B747-8 Working Group
  • RECAT-1 FAA / EUROCONTROL partnership

EUROCONTROL is currently working on the following projects