Demonstration of Runway Throughput Enhancement Solutions - Demo Days

EUROCONTROL  organized a two-day demonstration of runway throughput enhancement solutions on 11-12th October 2016 in Brétigny.
During the demonstration, the CDG and Vienna airport environments were reproduced through real-time ATC simulations with 4 Approach and Tower controllers from the two airports. The different simulation runs demonstrated how the Solutions enhance runway throughput without increasing ATCO workload - supported by the SESAR LORD prototype.

Following the lead of DSNA and NATS in the first implementation of RECAT-EU and TBS participants had the opportunity to see the added value and potential benefits these solutions can bring when considering local needs such as weather conditions or a specific traffic mix.

The following Solutions and concepts were presented:
  • RECAT-EU - available for deployment now, it is not compulsory, provides benefits for airports constrained with a significant percentage of Heavies in the traffic mix during peak periods
  • RECAT-Pair Wise Separations (PWS) - is currently under review by EASA and is expected to become available for deployment in 2017, bringing runway throughput benefits and possible customized wake separation solutions (optimized for specific traffic mix).  It is the most up-to date solution to review wake vortex separations scheme and it is proposed as a solution package that could be used with or without an ATC separation delivery tool.
  • Time Based Separation (TBS) - available and mandatory for deployment before 1 January 2024 for those airports listed in PCP regulation
  • Weather Dependent Separations (WDS) - expected to become available for local deployment in 2018, bringing runway throughput benefits in the event of crosswind or strong head wind on final approach
  • Leading Optimised Runway Delivery (LORD) - ATC separation delivery tool currently developed by EUROCONTROL under the SESAR R&D programme. Improves separation performance in Pair Wise and Time Based Separations schemes while respecting multiple constraints (e.g. Runway Occupancy Time (ROT))

The following files are available for download:
  • RECAT-EU presentation
  • RECAT-EU-PWS and LORD presentation
  • TBS for Arrivals presentation
  • Summary of runway throughput enhancement solutions
  • TBS Sequence

In order to get access to the distribution package containing the files above click on the lock and fill in the form:

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